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Author Feedback

Deadly Crimes: DCI Sophie Allen Series

From the Author- Michael Hambling:

I was bowled over by the realism and passion that you put into the more emotional scenes. This was a key novel for me. I realised as I was writing it that I was going for something fairly unusual and hard-hitting, particularly in half a dozen key chapters and scenes.You did a fantastic job on those important sections, interpreting them exactly right and I have to thank you for that. Your reading of Sophie's emotional trauma was spot on, so well done.

When the Song of Angels is Stilled 

From the Author A.S. Croyle:
I am so pleased to have you doing these audio narratives of my books. You ARE Poppy and your work is just terrific. I’m working on book three now and certainly hope you’ll continue as Poppy (etc.!) for that one.

Solve for I 

From the Author A.E. Dooland:
I constantly get compliments on your narrating and keep saying to people that they're telling the wrong person! You did a really good job and I'm very happy with my choice!

Listener Reviews

Cat Gould’s narration brought them to life wonderfully. Her voices, in particular, are perfect. All of them but, again, especially her voices for Tilly and Evie.

"Getting to hear the lovely Australian accent was truly wonderful and I got to experience the story in a whole new and marvelous way"

"Cat Gould did an outstanding job with different voices and accents.

I love a British voice, so she's become a favorite narrator of mine. She also nailed the humor of the book and performed very lively!"

"Beautifully narrated. A real treat!"

"Cat did a fantastic job playing all the characters so that the plot was very easy to follow."

"Once again, Cat Gould does an excellent job on narration "

"Cat Gould's performance as narrator is impeccable."

"Loved it. Wonderful story telling. "

"Cat Gould was spot on. I will definitely read the next book in the series."

"the narration was spot on! Plus the accents!! Swoon!"

"Great story teller, makes you feel like you're in the story."

"I'm rarely blown away, but I'm blown away. Well performed, I urge you to listen to this."

Highly recommend it! Cat's accent and soothing voice helped deliver the deep concepts here very accessibly, non-threateningly, and with comforting compassion.

Audiofile Reviews

Dr Space Junk Vs the Universe by Alice Gorman
A pleasing narration by Cat Gould makes "all systems go" as this audiobook explores archaeology beyond Earth. The premise--behind every discarded space object is a story--provides a behind-the-scenes view of space travel and its history. Through space junk, we see how government-funded NASA programs were driven by the Cold War. (Americans were shocked when the Russians left a dog named Laika in space.) And we see how space travel has become a commercial undertaking with access based on wealth, a phenomenon best demonstrated by the red sports car Elon Musk permanently parked in outer space. Gould's friendly Aussie voice draws one in as the author deftly analyzes each item of space detritus, making this a fun, informative pop-science listen. R.W.S. © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2019]

Future Histories by Lizzie O'Shea
Narrator Cat Gould's Australian accent and warm tone make her an ideal choice to explain the logic that author Lizzie O'Shea proposes: looking backward, rather than forward, to better understand the challenges of our modern mind, society, and self. O'Shea is a specialist in all matters digital and also practices as a public interest attorney. A ''usable past," she says may assist us in our shared digital future. Significant effort is made in knitting the historic movement known as the 1871 Paris Commune, among others, to our age of bits and bytes. Gould's easy-to-assimilate narration shines in the emphatic portions in which O'Shea makes strong comments on class concerns such as the unequal distribution of digital access to all world citizens. This is a well-researched highly academic exercise that is entertaining nonetheless--thanks to narrator Gould. W.A.G. © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: OCTOBER 2019]


Nevertheless We Persisted Audie Nominated 2018

This powerful volume of life-affirming poetry and prose is narrated by a variety of feminist voices. As the narrators perform their own pieces and, at times, those written by others, the quality of the delivery remains constant. The variety of narrators works together as a sort of contemporary Greek chorus, encouraging listeners to give voice to their experiences of triumph and trauma.

It's a volume you might want to start and stop at various places throughout the week. The sweetly somber tone of the works is especially suitable for a morning walk or an evening soak in the tub. For those in need of an uplifting listen, this will become a fast favorite.

M.R. © AudioFile 2017,
Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2017]

Myths of Sex, Science, and Society
Cordelia Fine, MARCH 2017
HighBridge Audio 


Narrator Cat Gould's rich voice and Australian accent add a level of interest to a fascinating audiobook.
Testosterone is the driving force of masculinity, right? And biological sex is supposedly the foundational difference between men and women, creating the justification for the inequalities we see in today's society.
Cordelia Fine examines those theories through evolutionary science, endocrinology, neuroscience, and more, making surprising discoveries about sex, gender, and the roles we play in the world. Gould especially excels at bringing out the humor in this otherwise highly scientific book.
Fine's writing paired with Gould's voice makes a dense topic accessible and entertaining.

A.G.M. © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine

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